jueves, 14 de febrero de 2013

Homework 1: Word transmiter

Hi! fot this first homework I had to make a python program that generates words, the main idea is that the program determinates the percentage of success that a word is transmitted with correctly. The words are binary.

The parameters of the program are:
- Word length
- Frequemcy of zeros
- Percentage of correct zeros
- Percentage of correct ones 
- Iterations

The scrip of bash just take the values that are in the code and send a the script of python then take the results of python and save in the resultados.txt ready to plot with script gnuplot

The script of gnuplot just plot the values that we send

Here the scripts, there are in this order:
  • awk
  • gnuplot
  • bash
  • python  

Here a part of resultados.txt:
the order is:
- Word length
- Percentage of correct zeros
- Percentage of correct ones
- success

Here the result: this result is not that i want

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  1. Check your spelling. The code only lacks the standard deviation and gives you 4 points. In the report, I would have expected more impressive visualisations and some analysis regarding the results. 4 pts.

    "this result is not that i want" :P